Video surveillance systems

Extensive technological expansion resulted in the creation of new, multifunctional video surveillance systems of great operational possibilities. The biggest technological advancement is associated with video surveillance systems.

As the representative of big worldwide producers such as DVC, DVCPro, JVC, SYAC, PELCO, MILESTONE, TELEEYE, ... we keep constant pace with new products at the world market. Our offer includes CCD video cameras for different purposes and technologies from mini cameras and cameras hidden in special cases to movable indoor and outdoor standard and special intruder cameras.

Large enterprises with a network of offices have at their disposal video surveillance network systems using corporative computer and telecommunication network as a video surveillance network media. Systems are integrated with a variety of management functions of the secured objects as well as audio and data transmission signal.

Cameras are an indispensable part of any video surveillance system. There are indoor and outdoor cameras, hidden or cameras for special purposes, movable cameras with digital and optical zoom, they may be operated manually or automatically. Their signal is stored on the hard disk and it is possible to achieve a real time reproduction on monitors from one or multiple locations. The wide array of analogue and digital cameras of superior SONY technology is a warranty of the optimum custom solution accompanied by exceptional technical performances. 

Besides cameras, control and digital video recording systems play an important role in every video surveillance system. Modern control and digital recording systems are equipped with 4 or more video inputs, network plug-in, one or more audio inputs which enable simultaneous recording of video and audio signals.

It is possible to store data on CD-RW or DVD and often they are equipped with USB inlets to be connected to various external devices. Connecting several different locations, DVR networking with the transmission of the signal to one’s own web page, sending signal to a mobile phone or an e-mail address are all possible owing to the usage of modern DVRs with the ability to store high quality images

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