Fire and gas detectors

Fire detection systems are sophisticated systems that independently detect and notify fire within buildings. They consist of the control unit, control keyboard, fire detector and manual notification, signalisation device, automatization and fire notification.

Fire detection system

A very important segment of fire detection system is the control unit. It performs a complete analysis and detector signal processing, and generates an alarm signal. The control unit can be integrated with stable fire extinguishing systems, gas detection and other systems. There is a possibility of network integration of the fire detection system into the central monitoring system together with anti-burglary and video surveillance systems.

Detectors are the most important part of the fire detection system because early detection and reaction to smoke and fire have a considerable impact on final consequences. The spread of fire, depending on materials within the facility, make take a long time so that it is very important to choose the appropriate type of detector.

Gas detection system

There are independent gas detection systems or they are incorporated into fire detection systems. They are divided into classical or proportional gas detection systems. Each system uses a detection probe of its own. We provide almost all known Ex probe packages tailored for moisture areas, dust, turbulence or explosive atmosphere, such as: 

  • methane detectors
  • CO or carbon monoxide detectors
  • gasoline fume detectors
  • butane detectors
  • propane and butane detectors

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