Electronic article surveillance systems

According to the research by the Efficient Consumer Response Committee there are various reasons for retail losses. Losses made because of shoplifting account for 37% of all losses. Therefore, no wonder that retail owners long for the electronic article surveillance system.

Shop owners use different protection measures in order to prevent shoplifting including the application of technical protection systems and different organisational measures. It is very important to know which protection systems to resort to as well as to be familiar with what the shoplifters usually steal and how they do it. 

Research has shown that expensive clothes of famous world brands, shoes and books, perfumes, sunglasses, CDs, DVDs, PCs and play consoles, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, cosmetics, meat and exclusive foodstuffs, tools, small electrical appliances and batteries are the most commonly stolen items in shops.

Electronic article surveillance system includes detection antennas, security tags and labels as well as the devices for their removal and deactivation. Merchandise is protected by attaching tags, which are removed by the use of “detachers” at the counter, and the labels are deactivated by means of deactivators. When the item is moved through the gates, the gate is able to sense if the tag is active or deactivated and sound an alarm if necessary. 

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