Burglar and intrusion alarm systems

Burglar alarm systems have become an indispensable part of the obligatory equipment of multi-purpose facilities and an extremely sensitive part of the extensive concept of technical protection.

The extensive concept of technical protection refers to the indoor and outdoor perimeter protection, the protection of space within a building, the protection of particular facilities within the premises, burglary protection, access control, video surveillance and connection to the central alarm system. Special attention is paid to the prevention and elimination of the source of risk and direct danger.

In the field of alarm systems, we represent the world’s leading producers of anti-burglary equipment, and we are one of the leading companies in the region. Many of the most protected institutions in the county (municipalities, business centres, plants, banks and other financial institutions, …) use our burglar alarm systems. 

High quality of devices and systems enables us to contemporaneously and successfully maintain thousands of active systems. We can design and accomplish systems for all types of facilities ranging from small private properties to huge and demanding facilities in the ownership of different business enterprises.

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