The Poretti company was established in 1996 as a company with only one employee, the founder, whereas today it boasts with its own sales department, financial department, technical department and management.  As a coordinated and coherent team, we are able to meet the most demanding designs of technical protection systems including burglar alarm systems, closed circuit television video surveillance systems (classical CCTV, IP video surveillance and megapixel video surveillance), fire and gas detection systems, access control and working hours control systems, electronic article surveillance systems… 

Dependably reliable 

Our goals have undergone no changes since the beginning; we invest a lot of effort in order to increase Your safety! Our motto “dependably reliable” represents the embodiment of our starting vision: to increase the level of security of persons and property through sophisticated systems simple to handle of exclusively reputable worldwide producers.

Keeping pace with time

We try to keep pace with time regarding applied technologies; therefore, it is easy to spot new entries in our appliances catalogue every month. In this way, we achieve the constant growth of the quality of products and services. By implementing the latest technologies regarding alarms, fire and gas detection systems, video surveillance systems, access control and working hours control systems as well as electronic article surveillance systems we provide more interesting and easier ways of protection of Your property and Yourselves. 

Custom made

We have been constantly investing into our knowledge in order to provide best service possible within the field of technical protection. Our solutions are custom made paying maximum attention to meet Your requirements in terms of systems’ possibilities and price.

That is the way in which we make diagnoses, design projects, make risk assessments and safety reports and mount systems for small, residential objects as well as for big companies, plants, hotels and different state financial and social institutions that perceive safety and surveillance very seriously, and we boast with the reference list of our satisfied customers as the main indicator of our quality.

We will be extremely honoured and pleasured if you decide to become our clients.