Drawing up the technical protection system report

Before installation and implementation of any of the systems of technical protection, it is necessary to draw up a risk assessment and security report.

In doing so, it is very important to take into consideration the following facts:

  • Client’s requests
  • Photo of the facility’s present condition 
  • Exact location of the facility ( vicinity of roads and surrounding buildings)
  • Facility’s characteristics
  • Facility’s purpose
  • If it is a matter of a business facility, working hours and number of employees with their structure
  • Equipment and valuable things in the facility
  • Possible risks analysis, etc.

Our project team has created hundreds of different risk assessments and security reports for our clients. We pay great attention to quality, functionality and high level of security, because we are aware of the fact that it is the only possible way in which we may prove worthy of our clients’ trust.

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