Diagnostics of the existing systems of technical protection

The first step before creating any design of a technical protection system, repair or upgrade is the professional and comprehensive system diagnostics. The creation of the offer often depends on the facility’s present condition, the existing system’s condition or the possibilities to upgrade the existing system.

Upon the termination of the diagnostic activities, our professionals will be pleased to give You a report containing the answers to the following questions:

  • In which condition is your existing system, is it functional and if it is necessary what is the best way to renew it?  
  • What should be taken into consideration when projecting a new system, which parts should be protected and which should be given special protection, how to carry out the installation and how to arrange components within the facility in order to guarantee optimal functionality?
  • What are the possibilities to upgrade the existing system, integration and maintenance?

Our employees are equipped with all necessary diagnostic devices and tools indispensable to determine the real condition of Your system.

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