It is now, a long period of time, that we are developing a program of  technical protection, from small and medium boats to big and luxury yachts.  In our work we use the most advanced and high quality security systems which include burglar alarm systems for boats, video surveillance systems in the marine versions and fire alarm systems.

Alarm systems

For small and medium boats we install burglar alarm systems by the manufacturer COBRA in the boat system version, which includes digital communication  through GSM calls or SMS messages, with the possibility of sending the coordinates of the position your boat is in that exact moment.

The advantage of this sistem is that in case of burglar alarm, the user can contact the coast guard and let them know the exact position of the vessel or he can indipendently intervene. Switching the alarm on and off, for smaller boats, it is possible by waterproof remote controls. For bigger vessels and yachts we offer waterproof remote controls with LCD keyboard, with low power consumption, or also the possibility to switch off and on your system, simply using your mobile phone (phone call).

We protect the interior of your boat with special microwave/motion detectors resistant to high temperature disbalance and the white light, while the outside storages, compartments and fuel tanks are protected with special open/close detectors.

All the elements of the burglar system must have a very low consumption of power, taking notice that smaller boats usually don't have constant electricity power and are not in use every day.

Installing the GSM module gives you the possibility to manage the systems on your boat. For example, with a simple phone call you can check the status of your batterys, switch on the air-condition, the ventilation, the bilge pump...

Video surveilance

For video systems we use video cameras in aluminium and stainless steal housings from the specialized manufacturers of CCTV marine systems. All the video surveillance cameras have high and extra high picture resolution with high sensitive night mode wiewing. Our cameras are also very resistant to sea conditions (salt, humidity...) with level of protection IP66 and IP67. Depending on your demands, we can also offer you stainless steal housings with fixed and rotating cameras which have tanks filled with fresh water, electronicly controllable pumps and window wipers.

In high quality and modern systems we use digital recording systems, which can be accessed from remote locations usig the built-in GSM module, while on bigger yachts which have installed satelitte internet connection this module is not neccessary.

Your boat can be controlled and monitored via computer or also via mobile phone in case of which all the cameras can be wiewed on your iPhone screen and other mobile devices of the new generation.

Fire detection

A very important part, in your vessel security, is directed to fire alarm systems with fire extinguishing mode. 

The systems that we design and install into big boats and luxury yachts are verified systems by the manufacturer NOTIFIER with all the necessary certifications such as Loyd, RINA etc... The fire systems are controlled from the main bridge via LCD keyboard or directly from the switchboard which is installed in your control panel.

Depending on the purpose of the ship and the degree of danger, we install optical or smoke fire detectors, heat or temperature fire detector, manual fire detectors, fireproof door handles, in the classic marine versions or in the EEX versions, with automated management and fire extinguishing systems.

In such cases, the most important thing is to have all the informations neccessary to install the most suitable system, to select the most suitable positions for implementing the fire elements, because in most cases it is necessary to create a system with elements which are resistant to dust, moisture and water, and with a degree of protection IP67 (complete protection against dust and total immersion into water on the depth from 15 mm up to 1000 mm) and IP68 (complete protection against dust and for deep immersion into water).

For installation and fire system maintainance we have special certificates from the manufacturer NOTIFIER.

If you need more informations, please contact us.